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Millions of people around the world have migraines, and women have this problem more often than men. These headaches are characterized by moderate to severe pulsating pain in one side of the head. Some factors can intensify the pain and should be excluded to prevent the migraine attack development and deterioration.

Light, sounds, or foods and smells can increase the physical pain in people who suffer from migraines. Some people experience aura – visual disturbances such as vision deterioration, flickering, lights, lines, blurred vision.

The appearances of aura are typically considered as the first sign of coming migraine attack. Still the symptoms of migraine differ from a person to person.

Depression, irritability, or nausea is among the common symptoms which often accompany migraine headaches. Many people also have vomiting and general ill-feeling.

Types of migraines can be migraines with aura or without aura, migraines with severe pain or migraine with specific symptoms. The type of migraine headaches is identified by a doctor.

The frequency of migraines can be up to several times in a week and this significantly affects the life and everyday routines of a person. The need for treatment is absolutely necessary if a person has frequent and severe migraine attacks.

Simple painkillers can be very effective in managing migraines. Still for using any of the analgesic medicines a person should consult a doctor. Normally a doctor can try various medicines until the right one is found. The dosage of the medicine can be also altered during the treatment.

Some people associate certain things with migraine attacks. These things are called migraine provokers or triggers and may include: menstrual period, stress, foods, and red wine.

The treatment of migraines usually includes a single medicine or combination of medicines if necessary. Oral medicines called analgesics are often used to manage pain. Triptan medicines help to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, facilitate the symptoms. Medicines to reduce vomiting and nausea can be also used if a person experiences symptoms of nausea.

People often find relief in resting in dark room, sleeping or being in a silent darkened place. Avoiding the triggers can also reduce the frequency of attacks.

If your migraines are severe, your doctor may prescribe medication to help prevent pain and other symptoms. Today the medicine called Excedrin is very popular remedy for migraine headaches. It combines three components: aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine. Working together these components help reduce the aches, facilitate the symptoms very fast.

Aspirin and acetaminophen are known for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Caffeine increases the effects of aspirin and acetaminophen.

Do not use Excedrin for self-treatment. Always ask your doctor about safety of this medicine use for your condition.

Take Excedrin in the recommended dosage and as long as prescribed. Do not overdose or use it too frequently. For some patients the use of Excedrin is contraindicated. Before taking this medicine make sure you know all the information about this medicine.

Everyone knows that Viagra is one of the best oral medicines to cope with erectile dysfunction in men. Actually, Viagra is highly effective against ED condition and is approximately 80 % active in men, and it is about 60 % effective in men whose ED is caused by diabetes.

But Viagra is not only able to improve sexual performance. Interestingly enough, this medication is also used for other purposes, some of which can be considered rather weird.

Viagra is used for the management of other medical conditions including extreme tiredness and other physical effects caused by long flight across several time zones. No clinical data is still available, but many men claim that they do not suffer from the jet lag if they have used Viagra before the flight.

One of the side effects of Viagra is its potential to decrease the blood pressure. So it can be used in the treatment and regulation of high blood pressure.

The fascinating fact about Viagra is that lots of men experience emotional support and encouragement when they use the medicine. They stop fearing having sex and even enhanced sexual desire.

Accidental overdose of Viagra can lead to prolonged erections, which is in some cases not bad. Still overdose should be avoided as the prolonged erection lasting more than 4 hours can be dangerous for health.
The high interest in Viagra is aroused by its great potential to improve the blood circulation in particular parts of the body. So, the scientists suggest using it for diseases related to poor blood circulation, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disorders.

Though the more time is needed for the researches to be conducted, it is supposed that Viagra can be used for the treatment of various cancerous tumours. Some of the experts consider that Viagra can reduce the size of cancer and even stop its development.

It was already proven that it was not Viagra causing heart attacks, but the extra load on the heart which a man experiences during sexual performance.

Actually heart diseases can be successfully treated with Sildenafil which helps to boost the blood, improve the capacity of the heart and its pumping ability.

The same property of Viagra is used to increase performance. Lots of athletes and bodybuilders use this medicine along with steroids to get the best training results. Some anti-doping organizations suggest that Viagra should be put in the list of doping control drugs and excluded from the medicines possible for use in athletes.

The medicine gives hope for the couples who cannot conceive due to certain problems. The fact is Viagra improves the uterus lining and raises the chances to get pregnant.

How will this medicine be applied? It is a question to think about. Lots of health experts think that Viagra possesses great potential and can be used for multi-purposes including memory improvement, cancer and diabetes treatment.

viagraThe medicines like Viagra should be used in full accordance with the instructions of a doctor and/or prescription label available with the medicine. Viagra contains Sildenafil which has specific principles of its use. If not used with regard to these principles Sildenafil may interact with other medicines and/or cause side effects.
The negative unwanted effects of Viagra are possible, but they occur very rare. In some men, who are more prone or sensitive to Sildenafil, Viagra may cause undesirable effects and reactions of the body. These may be allergic reactions and reactions from different body systems. They can be characterized as minor (insignificant), mild (moderate) or severe (of serious character).
Minor side effects possible with Viagra usually do not last long, they fade away within hours. Usually such minor side effects are temporary, and disappear completely after several times of
To minor side effects of Viagra belong the headaches, stomach upset, light dizziness. It is not required to inform your doctor about them, if they do not trouble you.
Moderate side effects may be more bothering and cause not serious problems. They usually occur when a person is taking higher doses of the medicine. Viagra may produce flushing of the face or neck, nausea, temporary changes in color vision, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and some others. In its turn, such moderate side effects may be reported to your doctor if they do not disappear or worry you.
Less common are the severe side effects of Viagra. They in most cases can occur when a person overdoses a medicine or uses it with other drug which causes interaction.
viagra 1Serious side effects of Viagra are vision problem, decreased vision or loss of vision, decreased hearing or hearing loss, sudden pain in chest or severe dizziness. In very rare cases this medicine can cause heart attack, stroke or other serious heart problem, if it is taken incorrectly or by a person with existing heart problem and/or taking nitrate-containing medicine.
Among the other serious side effects of Viagra there is one often listed and called priapism. This is a very serious condition in which a penis of a person remains erect for a long period of time (more than 4 hours) and causes pain.
However, it is not fully proven that these severe side effects are caused by Viagra. They may be related to the use of the medicine, but certain other circumstances including health state of a person and certain health disorders as well as taking other medicines may increase the risk of these serious side effects.
So, if a person starts using Viagra, he should remember that safe use demands the knowledge of how and when to consume Viagra pill.
Never Viagra should be used with nitrates. If you doctor does not permit you to consume Viagra due to your heart status or other health problems, do not use it.
Talk about your general health to doctor prior to using Viagra. If you are older than 65 years of age, do not use very high doses of Viagra. In case of side effect development, consult your doctor and seek medical help.

viagra 2Sometimes it happens that a man notices a life period when he experiences some problems with erections. These problems may be like – difficulty getting erections or like keeping an erection during sex. The condition is known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence.

Simply it is an inability to get and sustain normal erections. The choice of treatments is great. You can find the variety of treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Still the treatment methods differ from each other greatly. Some of the medicines, used to treat ED, are injected into the penis; others are taken before sexual intercourse. Some methods imply psychotherapy and stress management. Some men may need more radical treatments such as surgical procedures.viagra 4

More and more men feel comfortable using Viagra medicine as an effective treatment for ED problem. This medicine is known for its stability in effects produced, high efficacy and safeness. It is the universal ED treatment method giving relief from even severe forms of impotence.

The main component in the medicine is Sildenafil Citrate. This is a unique substance working directly in the penile region to produce high blood flow to the penis. Once a man has taken Viagra, he starts getting hard erections each time he uses the pill. Viagra is used by mouth, 45 minutes before sex. One thing a man should remember – is having physical stimulation, which helps to obtain a rigid erection possible.

viagra 3Viagra is often ordered online without prescription, but is recommended to be used after a doctor’s advice. This medicine is loved for its ability to provide enormous increase in sexual life of a person who experiences erectile problems.

You can start using Viagra safely if you are generally healthy. Some men with health conditions of heart, kidney, liver, diabetes, may need special dose adjustments provided by their doctor.

It is always better to request information from doctor about your dose and frequency of Viagra use. Still most men can take it as needed, with the period of 24 hours between doses. Besides, it is better to restrain from alcohol while using Viagra.

Generic Viagra may have serious interactions with other medications. It means that generic Viagra should never be used with certain medications including:
•    Nitroglycerin and all medications containing nitrates;
•    Medications which are used to treat hypertension.
The concomitant use of Viagra with medications which can lower blood pressure can cause dangerous drop in blood pressure and be even fatal.
Some medications may change the generic Viagra effects, increasing or decreasing the concentrations of the drug in the blood. Before consuming generic Viagra with other medications check at your doctor’s if these combinations are safe.
Generic Viagra can interact with:
•    Alpha-blockers
•    Antifungals
•    HIV protease inhibitors
•    Macrolide antibiotics
•    Narcotic analgesics
The listed above medication may increase the risk of Viagra’s side effects.
The medication Bosentan or rifampin may decrease Viagra’s effectiveness.
Generic Viagra should not be mixed with any other medical treatments for erectile dysfunction, including: tablets, pills, injection medications,implants or vacuum pumps.