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2As for the older men ED happens oftener with increasing of years. But in spite of ages much more than half of all 70-year-old men are still sexually potent. Nowadays the main reason of ED is recognized as a narrowing of the veins that transport blood to the penis. The medical investigations of last years have suggested that in some cases of ED by older men the reason is in the wear of the arteries of the heart or the brain. To be more exact the erectile dysfunction may be the first sign of coming vascular disease in smaller blood vessels which can develop within two – three years in heart attack. So ED should be considered as the first warning of it. But certainly it doesn’t imply that if the patient has ED he will have a heart stroke or another heart disease. But taking into consideration the results of the last investigations the older patients suffering from ED should be more care with their heart and try to defend themselves against possible heart attack. The way to avoid such is to control the blood pressure and cholesterol blood level, to do sport exercises and certainly refuse from smoking absolutely.